Developing the Ability to Love

Love is to the world what the Sun is for outer life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the “moral” Sun of the world. – Rudolf Steiner

About Us

There is a way to develop a capacity to love abundantly, unconditionally and unreservedly. Loving in this way expands your consciousness, changes your life and changes the lives of the people around you. Active love goes beyond the experience of being drawn to love someone or something. It can be experienced as an energetic expanding warmth flowing from you. Love at this level is not demanding or exhausting. In fact, active love fills the one who loves actively with a greater capacity to love.

Tessabella Lovemore

More about Active Practical Love


The nature of the content of the Active Practical Love course is such that it is most effectively worked through with others using a conscious form of sharing, listening and responding. Individual coaching is available by special arrangement.

Public Introductory Talk

“Giving Freedom - Introducing Active Practical Love”
Discover and unfold your own capacity to love unconditionally in daily life.
Cost: R50 per family - unlimited adults from one family unit
Minimum 20 participants

Active Practical Love Workshop Series

4 workshops over 3 or 4 days
An intensive practical course to familiarise yourself with the lessons and exercises
Cost: R1800 per participant includes refreshments and notes
Prerequisite: Introductory talk
Min 12 participants

Active Practical Love Study Group

1 large group monthly meeting in-person for 2 hours and one small group monthly meeting either in-person or remotely.
An in-depth experiential peer mentored process lasting 12 months allowing participants to fully embody the lessons and exercises of the Active Practical Love course
Cost: R5400 per participant includes refreshments and notes for large group meetings
Min 12 participants