Hello! My name is Penelope, usually Penny, often mom, sometimes Pen.

I am a mom, a teacher and a perpetual student and an advocate for healthy childhood.

I started my teaching career in kindergarten after many years as a travelling au pair but soon found I belong in high school. Turns out adolescents and toddlers have more in common than one could imagine.

I believe that parenting our children is an ongoing learning opportunity of a lifetime and that conscious parenting allows for happy homes.

The skills I have gained practising Tesabella’s course have transformed my relationships Рmost fundamentally those with my children and I am certain that any parenting style can benefit from the regular practice of the exercises that Dr Lovemore has devised.

When I am not in the classroom or running Active Practical Love workshops you can find me with my nose in a book or out on the trail with my dogs – but most likely driving a teenager around.

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