Active Practical Love is a collection of classes and workshops created by Dr Tessabella Lovemore. Based on over two decades of teaching experience and family counseling she designed a 12-lesson course to help one to develop the capacity to love.

The mindful practice of learning to love generates a healing force that can become the love we experience in all our relationships.

This course is a rare and heart-opening opportunity to explore subjects such as From egocentric to Love, Knowing myself, I Choose, The Activity of Love in You as Healer.

The APL courses are a rare and heart-opening opportunity, strengthening love in yourself and in your relating with others. When we are able to make basic shifts in how we relate to others we set them free and give them freedom to experience their highest selves. So giving freedom, or in fact learning HOW TO LOVE by practicing the exercises given in the lessons, leads to a way of relating that is both practical and manifested out of your own free will. It is like love becomes a practical force that you use to change your feeling and understanding about the people around you; so much so that even resentment, disgust and hate can be transformed into a powerful feeling of love.

All 12 lessons that Tessabella devised come with very specific exercises to practice that are based on this principle of setting the other free to be who they really can be, and as soon as we can do it, life changes for the better.

I truly believe that our greatest task as parents is to love our children in a way that allows them to grow into free, resilient, compassionate human beings able to express their highest selves. After training with Tesabella for four years, and practising the exercises myself as a regular practitioner I am very excited to facilitate group and individual classes for parents in South Africa.

“When I discovered that the capacity to love could be developed, I found that the people I practised my love on began to change in ways that I could not have imagined. Each person that I practised this active loving on changed me too. I felt as if the act of loving gave me deep understanding, and I ex-panded into someone more able to love”.

~ (Dr. Tessabella Lovemore)